Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody"

Very good.

I couldn't help but wonder why the island was on the back of a giant turtle..but that's probably because I haven't gotten all the way through the first two seasons on my DVD collections.

I'll admit, while watching it, the thought crossed my mind that it was a possible Stephen King reference. After all, he DOES hold us all within his mind.


Weird but funny!

Honestly my favorite flash ever!

It's so funny! It's so well done! It's so.... so.... Perfect!

I love the Turtle too! :D


I absolutely love LOST and found your flash highly entertaining and addictive. You used a lot of interesting characters, and added a lot of humour/spoof in your many scenes. Excellent Bohemian Rhapsody parody indeed. I liked how the Swan hatch was on the back of a giant turtle.

Being a LOST fan, I am picky with artists doing parodies of the show, but you did something original, logical and the whole movie was a joy to watch.


That was fucking AMAZING!