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Reviews for "p00p adventure"

alrighty then

Yup, that was quality time there. Best part is, I'm at work and I just got paid to find the secret code. Nice game! I'm usually not that persistant, but this was really engaging. Nice sound fx, great ideas and consequences. Very funny, very entertaining. I'd let a little kid do it, but don't like the 'you stupid' for little kids. They need their self esteem. Adults have no self esteem and so don't take it personally. Stupid.

Very Sweet

.....but I didn't survive


YEY! Found the exit! WAHOO! Great game though the graphics did lag quality a bit...

Prikedelike you crazy foo crazy! :)

I liked the game alot it took me a very long time to figure out how to beat it and that was an accident. :)

An old Time Classic.

Ah, this game sure brings back a ton of memorys. Playing this on one of those rainy days. good times.