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Reviews for "p00p adventure"

He was right...

He was right when he said there's a way....


Very Sweet

.....but I didn't survive

got to l.2

the password is n00g

i beat it

its so easy to beat i know the password to it email me and ill tell you

Great job

Ok I got a complete walktrough :

The password is : N00g

First when you start eat the blue ball too fly.. Then click on the Down button too fly down and fly over the Green monster , Then you will come too will come to a place where you can go three places : (If you go down you will come to a water and a place where some big mouth will eat you) If you go left you go left you will be eaten by the green monster .. so go right! Now you will lose ur wings and you will come to a open hallway.. If you go right now you will be shot, so look around and check the floor closely.. and you will see your mouse will turn a hand .. click now and you will find a Shotgun! Pick it up And you will get the password for LVL 3 - Pass = Quake!

Hope this will work friends!:9 GOOD LUCK.