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Reviews for "p00p adventure"

there is no wayout

this game was POOP!!!!!!!!!

I really like you

I'm back from holidays ! yay ! w00t w00t w00t


well...i found how to get out...and its really not that hard...i can tell u if you want to e-mail me at dragon0614@aol.com because i dont want to ruin itfor every1 else...well i cheated by right clicking and pressing some buttons...BUT YOU GUYS DONT KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!! anyways i congradulate you on this game cauz its not half bad...you need to make it longer and add constant music thats loud and annoying to piss people off :P


i havent found the exit yet but can u give me a hint. is it actually inside?


fun little game, worth playing. i dug the animation style of the lines constantly moving, kinda like dr. katz except stick figures...