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Reviews for "p00p adventure"

So this was a point and click trial and error adventure game with mild comedic effects. I thought that the art style was decent, kinda liked the constant movement of everything. However there should've been a more obvious way out, as having a hidden button was just cheap.

hey guys

just to tell you, their is a way out!
1:go into house
2:go right
3:try to go left
4:right click, then press play
5:click the arrow that goes up

An old Time Classic.

Ah, this game sure brings back a ton of memorys. Playing this on one of those rainy days. good times.


i found the code , now what?


hello, I speak Spanish so use a translator but here this the solution of the game

After entering the house goes to the room where there are 2 cords, they back down and they go towards the door, is going away to them to close later press the key TAB next to letter Q and you would veran a yellow picture, click in and abrira a door enter and ready they give the code them