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Reviews for "Transcendence"


Nice work with the piano, and the other instruments. Did a good job of balancing things out so it's not overly focused on one thing.

Nice-sounding, and it's kinda catchy, to boot. You made up for a lack of percussion rather nicely, and I find that commendable. Good one.

Isoken responds:

I have a problem with balancing volumes, so this was really difficult for me. I had to export it several times to hear what it would sound like without the FL lag spikes that occurs when you have too many sounds going on.

When I started this song, I was actually playing around with percussion to see what would sound good. I found that adding percussion made the song seem too much like pop, so I settled for having no drums at all.

Thanks so much for the review!


Very Good.

A very good song, with a good tune. But like t0xic, I didn't quite come across with a memory of it, or an intense emotion from it.

Pretty good, but...

I thought it was relatively well done, except for a few key points, which kept you from full 10/10.

First off, it came off as a little loud to me, and when I turned it down, everything became drowned out by the top melody piano. It may have been on purpose, but I thought it brought down the song as a whole. Also, as someone pointed out before me, I thought everything came off as a bit harsh. Soften it up a bit, and things may turn out better for your next song.

Two major problems I had, so two stars off. 8/10

An excellent track with only minor flaws.

The piano portion is quite well done, and sets the calming mood extremely well. My main problem comes in with the electronic bells used, as they seem not to mesh with the slightly dampened piano - it's mixing sharp and smooth sounds in a way I feel that's damaging to the flow of the song.

Nonetheless, an excellent effort - one that makes me wish I had your knack for melody. =)


is this a japan song or somthing i mean it sounds weird i dispise it

Isoken responds:

This is quite possibly one of the most idiotic reviews I've ever seen. Your username fits you too well.