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Reviews for "Transcendence"

very calm and soothing :D

i used your song in this video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vok1Pt 0NKTE


/beautiful song, on the surface it sounds light-hearted and lively, but there's also a subtle hint of melancholy that comes through. The variation at about 01:50 comes in just at the right time/adds some space ...
Good job! 5/5


You tend to use alot of bells in your songs to add an extra calming effect to the song. Good song!


Nice work with the piano, and the other instruments. Did a good job of balancing things out so it's not overly focused on one thing.

Nice-sounding, and it's kinda catchy, to boot. You made up for a lack of percussion rather nicely, and I find that commendable. Good one.

Isoken responds:

I have a problem with balancing volumes, so this was really difficult for me. I had to export it several times to hear what it would sound like without the FL lag spikes that occurs when you have too many sounds going on.

When I started this song, I was actually playing around with percussion to see what would sound good. I found that adding percussion made the song seem too much like pop, so I settled for having no drums at all.

Thanks so much for the review!


Very beautiful

I love this... what a sad, yet beautiful song at the same time.

The reverb is pretty nice, and that's a nice piano tone. In fact, this reminds me of playing Tales of Symphonia.

Well done my friend

Isoken responds:

Thank you so much! I was hoping for a mixture between melancholic and lively sounds. I've never played Tales of Symphonia, but I have heard plenty of good reviews about the game. I think I may just give it a try.

I appreciate your review!