Reviews for "Transcendence"

Very Good.

A very good song, with a good tune. But like t0xic, I didn't quite come across with a memory of it, or an intense emotion from it.


I absolutely love sitting down and finding a new melody on the piano, but you have created something wonderful. I love the sparkly sounds and such. and I would LOVE sheet music, lol :D

Great work. Give me the mood that Im lookin for.


im impressed you did it in the first four bars alone....it didnt sound none that bad either but for some reason it didnt really attract my attention.


I didn't notice I let it go through 3 times until I came back from my half-sleep. XD

Brilliant job my friend.

I had this song on for 3 hours and forgot about it

You can tell I loved this song if I forgot I had it playing on repeat for three hours. Solid 10. I was able to forget about it because it became a part of me and I just got used to it being there as almost a loop that I never get tired of.