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Reviews for "Transcendence"

Been a long 5 years since I first downloaded this song. Still remember it well enough to come here and download it time after time....

Isoken responds:

Thank you. That means quite a lot to me, as I have since stopped making music. I really appreciate the fact that my old work still hits a string with some people.

stupidpplrweird blows a big one at reviews

fuck that kid man, this song is hott, really refreshing to me at least lol. composed well, keep at it man!!

-DJ K-Lo aka KaLe KiNgStOn


I sleep to this song. the harmonies and bass tnes are something to be proud of. ;)

Pretty good, but...

I thought it was relatively well done, except for a few key points, which kept you from full 10/10.

First off, it came off as a little loud to me, and when I turned it down, everything became drowned out by the top melody piano. It may have been on purpose, but I thought it brought down the song as a whole. Also, as someone pointed out before me, I thought everything came off as a bit harsh. Soften it up a bit, and things may turn out better for your next song.

Two major problems I had, so two stars off. 8/10


is this a japan song or somthing i mean it sounds weird i dispise it

Isoken responds:

This is quite possibly one of the most idiotic reviews I've ever seen. Your username fits you too well.