Reviews for "PocketMonsters: Turbo Fighters"

Nice pixel art! I hope you plan on making a real game out of this with your pixel artistic talent. Because from looking at this possible screen-shot for your upcoming game, we could have an actual tournament fighting game on out hands...

1DarkVoid responds:

I sure do want to make this into a game someday, but for right now I should improve my skills before I make anything as good as a Fighting game. I really like the suggestion.

I do plan to make a game and by seeing myself making something for once. Thanks for the review. :)

I approve greatly of this! X3

1DarkVoid responds:

Thank you and I will gladly make more as I get better along the way. :)

Woah why wasn't this idea done sooner? This is fucking amazing.

I mean damn think of the crazy fun potential. I hope you know how to use flash or code video games because I would love to play something like this~

1DarkVoid responds:

I do coding in my computer technology class that I am taking and I must say it is quite difficult. I sure do want to get this made. :)

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pokemon in moral combat seems legit