Reviews for "PocketMonsters: Turbo Fighters"

The new Mortal Kombat game...PokeCombat!Now including...(obivous)trainers!
(May include traces of epic artstyle and awesome pixel art.You need to have enough experience with fighting games if not...well you are gong to RAGE!!!!)
Allright no MOAR jokes.This is awesome.I like fighting games...but i don't play Pokemon.SO YEAH!Looks great and I'm going to try to make this pixelated fighting scene in Minecraft.Keep it up!

I'd like to think it's the pokemon making the trainers fight. Immediate appreciation.

1DarkVoid responds:

Thanks and I might say they are fighting to say who caught that shiny ditto. xD

Ah, it looks good...

Cool, but why this is rated T?

1DarkVoid responds:

Ugh... my bad I will get that get fixed.

Thanks for the heads up. ^^

Woah why wasn't this idea done sooner? This is fucking amazing.

I mean damn think of the crazy fun potential. I hope you know how to use flash or code video games because I would love to play something like this~

1DarkVoid responds:

I do coding in my computer technology class that I am taking and I must say it is quite difficult. I sure do want to get this made. :)