Reviews for "Devil's Dance"

Awesome song!

While it hasn't been that popular, I can tell why this has so many reviews! This is a nearly flawless song in that it just has so many things going on that all work together! It's the perfect theme for a medevial atmosphere or really any kind of action like atomsphere! It's exciting just to listen to it as it works so well as a loop. There's some dwindling and going up parts that make it even more suspenseful! There was just so much creativity put into this there was no way I could not favorite it.


This song is really something makes me want to play DMC again. I dont know why.

Loving This......

Ive completed all 4 DMC's, and this song would go into one of them awesomely ,i aslo saw your other DMC inspired song "Show no Tears", liked that one too, good job with this, its epic.


Devil's Dance it is.

Love the dark tone to it. Has a potential for a very epic battle scene. Of course, it HAS to include something with evil intent.

very cool

it remindss me of devil may cry when dante starts to fight the monsters lol "thee fighting music"