Reviews for "Devil's Dance"


the song it brings adraine to my body its to goood


It's so awesome! I love everything about this song! I am once again left speechless by your epic powers of music mastering. I don't know where to start with the compliments, so just apply the following adjectives to every concievable aspect of this song: awesome, awesomer, awesomest, hyperuberawesomepic

its been decided

you are officially a god of audio. it seems everything you get your hands on turns into something of epic proportion. and after hearing this my mind goes insainly wild with imaginenation. no words can really describe the perfection level of this. i can feel my adrinaline accelerating at unbealivebale speeds when i hear this. and now im speechless. awesome job, keep them coming, and rock on forever. \m/


few words can describe the awesome that is this song. only thing though, i thoiught that the drums (snare and bass mainly) were kinda lackin though out the song. but thats just me. either way, this song is amazing.
btw, is this an original song or a remix? i never played dmc, so i cant tell.


Dude, this is pure music perfection! Seriously, nothing you could add to this would make it better! I can't believe you submitted this in 05 and it's never been on the front page. Someone in the NG staff needs to freaken see this! JUSTICE MUST BE DEALT TO THIS GODLY TRACK!