Reviews for "Devil's Dance"

Differant but brilliant

The idea for this one is pretty neat, not modern times at all and thats what makes this pretty neat, and makes it somewhat unique and differant, so for that i give you props on this sound, It has a good action theme about it aswell, and that also makes it fun, great for use in some sction scene of flash and this seems pretty popular, You seem to put alot of effort and really made it yours so for the effort alone you also get props,, this is a pretty awsome piece if i ever heard one, so nice effort all around, hope to hear more of your work soon.

As to what to improve on, make it longer more of that old style sounds would also be nice.


I made a song and called it devils dance and uploaded it to newgrounds. then i saw my fav. series Xionic Madness and the newest one had a song called devils dance and i clicked it and you came up.....wow. Sweet song by the way


Pretty good! I din't like the part around 1:10 though, too slow


epic fighting music

nice beat

this has blown me away preatty cool
i give it a 10