Reviews for "Devil's Dance"

Adrenaline? Oh yes.

This perfectly captures the atmosphere of the battle scenes of DMC - meant to get your adrenaline pumping.

I can't find much flaws... piano could do with a touch more prominence, it really gives the song a fantasyish feel.

BTW, can I get the loop? (maximusair@gmail.com)

You just had to do it...

Once again you made a great song!
Unbelievable how you do it, 1 after another
u keep making great songs!

keep up the good work!
-t3h assasin-


hey, iv been a fan of your music for some time now. i make drum and bass myself, but im looking for something new.

i was wondering if it is possible for you to show me the way lol. where did you get your DnB samples from? theyre lovely :D

anyways, it would be gr8 to chat with you sometime.

my msn: cartoonimation_4_u@hotmail.com


Hey man whats your msn?

NemesisTheory responds:

My MSN? NemesisTheory@Gmail.com. :)

its an orgasm for my ears

holy crap! that was great man. Im really impressed. You know a lot of songs are meant for big boss battles but this one actualy makes me think of some huge brawl. 5/5 all the way

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks man! Glad to see you liked it. <3