Reviews for "Devil's Dance"

Devil may download this song

this song is so awesome im glad it was in Fear Unlimited,and i hope Diz uses it in FU2-Issue 2


megamac pretty much said it all. this would be awesome for capcom. keep it up


what they said *points down*

Dante would start crying

If he only knew that this track missed the game itself! Yeps defenitly a DMC styled influence that i feel while listening to it. Only missing the luvly grunts but heej, I know where it comes from. We also can do it without :).

Chaotically epic :)

I've never heard someone make music that so expertly captures the feel and intensity of a DMC battle while perfectly giving it their own personal flair. I love this song! Oh, and I just made my Newgrounds account because of your many amazing video game songs and battle music :)