Reviews for "Devil's Dance"


Great guitar usage and incredible music all round. This would be a great song against some sort of demon boss. In trying to make a DMC style song, mission achieved, NT!

Rock on! >:D

This song rocks! Along with mostly every other song that you make;)
I haven't played DMC or heard the soundtracks, but i'm pretty much sure that this song beats them all ;D
Rock on, audiophile!

well done

I really love Devil May Cry. The combination of guns and a big-ass sword is as great as peanutbutter and chocolatesprinkles on a sandwich XD
You really captured the DMC style in this one, only it sounds a bit creepier, wich is awesome.

I've let some friends listen to this (all devil may cry fans :p ) and all guessed it's from DMC.
Only thing left to say is that it's an awesome track in the style of an awesome game.

Ohhhhhh OoO

Soooo cool and bad ass great work.