Reviews for "A mournful soul"

I see a man, the last survivor of the last battle of a raging war between his homeland and another country. He is walking through the ravaged battlefield, looking down on his friends and family's bloodied faces, and eventually comes to the edge of a cliff where he looks down and sees his castle, home, and lifelong land has been destroyed, realizing he has nowhere left to go...


BlazingDragon responds:

For whatever reason, I'm a very empathetic person. When I see people hurting, that emotion resonates within me. When I watch movies, I feel profoundly moved with the trials of the characters. When I read stories, I really feel for the characters.

That image that you described carries with it such powerful, devastating emotions. Isolation. Loneliness. Regret. Confusion. Mourning.

My imagination is quite vivid and I feel a little nauseous placing myself in those shoes. To fight so hard and end up with nothing...How could you ever make yourself get up in the morning? How to carry on?

Thank you for the review and the powerful image.

this reminds me of...

a great battle has ended and a girl you love is in danger and you step in to take your own life instead

BlazingDragon responds:

That image of a battle seems pretty consistent throughout many reviews. Kind of interesting, lol. Thanks for your thoughts! :)

It reminds me of...

a battle, a battle which barely you won andlost most of your best friends,relatives,and one of your last family members.

BlazingDragon responds:

There are many different types of sadness. The feeling that I wanted to convey in this piece was not simply sorrow or regret but deep mourning. Like the example you gave, it is what comes after losing something beloved and knowing that life will never quite be the same.

Thanks for the image, Jack!

A shaded world of grey...

It makes me imagine my own world immediately.
The feminine human crushed me, once. All that is left of my world is grey, and those immortal clouds that never cease their rain. Their presence is bound to me as long as I remain broken. I hope every day for a new sun to rise from the endless horizon, the sun I will never see. A distant hope arises however, when I see that one girl. Will the feminine crush me again? I cannot know.

I would dearly like, someday, that my story may be told in a flash film on Newgrounds, with some of your music, Trevor, however dim any hope of anything I have, is.

BlazingDragon responds:

I was once heart broken by a girl. Life became so bleak for a time, and I nearly lost the will to compose. Finally, I came to the realization that happiness was a choice that only I could grab hold of, and I became sick of bitterness. After changing my outlook and becoming thankful, as well as letting her go...Life went on, and light shone through the darkness. Now, it's wonderful. :)

I hope that you will see the sun again, my friend. I would love to hear your story.

Thank you for the review.


Just really wish this was a tad longer, even just a touch. Really moving my friend.

BlazingDragon responds:

I wanted it to be short for something such as a game over screen. Thank you very much, though. :)