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Reviews for "FDA FDA FDA NOW"


hahah that was funny as hell


Psychedelic...nice movie,,,.


I'm sorry to say this Shok, but i felt this video was pure shit. Just random graphics floating around and colored squiggly lines.

I thought it was stupid, the video had nothing to do with the song, as the others did.

jimi boooooodah, likes it in da poooooopah?

niiiiiiiice use of the picture of me from new years... amn Iw as drunk, I don't rememebr saying anything about FDA... oh well, I guess i did, movies don't lie!

apparently lord dan has a problem

the guy who previously posted must be new to NG... anyways if he comes back and reads this post he should know that FDA is a long time part of newgrounds.com and is not just another crappy movie, but a movie about FDA, not porn... I guess you have to have been around before portal was automated, and it was a frames site, and also before it was even much more then Telebubby Funland, Assassin, and of course, FDA... ah those were the days but now newgrounds shall be bigger and better so it can entertain many more....