Reviews for "General Rommel"

Great portraiture skills, man. The shading for the uniform is masterful, as are the textures for the military cap.

I do find the area above the lip distractingly odd, though. It looks like it's shaded a little too dark in comparison with the rest of the skin tone (please forgive me if this was how it appeared in the reference, if you used one.)

That's all I'm going to say on the critique side, though. Your way of drawing portraits is immense, I've seen your other works and it seems you possess some real talent.
Because I'm still a newb at art, I have to ask: what grades of pencil did you use? I'm looking to improve in the future. :D

Keep it up!

4.5 / 5

SlothSWAG responds:

Well i used an old photo as reference so it might been some odd weather damage (if you understand) on the picture and i use from 2B to 8B pencil and charcoal for intense blacks and something to smudge graphite ( you can even use a q-tip or piece of cloth)

oh no swag heil

The Desert Fox

SlothSWAG responds:



SlothSWAG responds:


truly one of the greatest generals of World War II, the Desert Fox. your sketch depicts the man very accurately and bold, as fitting of Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel. top-notch!

SlothSWAG responds: