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Reviews for "Eternity (Orch. Ver.)"


My finger hovered over the zero button after the first ten seconds because I felt obligated to lower this song because it seemed to be rated too high. Then I realized that this is amazing.

Actually I noticed that there is actually nothing particularly good about the composition. There's just a lot of opportunity for expression, and that's why I give a 5x10; classical music is all about the performer's interpretation.

Is this with real instruments or is it with a synth? If its with real instruments then I want to learn how to play violin this well. If its with synths, I WANT your synth. :P

Zero123Music responds:

phew, thanks for not 0'ing :P

hey, thanks for the 10 alot - reviews mean like 100 times more than votes :)

haha, finally - ever since I started composing I wanted to make one of my songs sound realistic, so you couldn't be sure if it was a live orchestra or synth^^

Well, the violin is from an amazing VST called East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold I suggest you buy it^^
Of course the rest is up to EQ'ing properly :P

anyways thanks again :)

very nice

i LOVE it :)

Zero123Music responds:



I like how smooth this piece was. I twas very relaxing and slow. But it was also interesting and the instrumentation was really good. Keep it up!

Zero123Music responds:

thanks alot for the 10 and kind words^^

Pure Awesomeness!

No words...

Zero123Music responds:

thankyou, your "no words" could speak for a novel :PP