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Reviews for "Eternity (Orch. Ver.)"


Starts off exactly like that Kingdom Hearts song but with that said, this song freaking rocks.

Nice work you atmospherically talented devil.

Zero123Music responds:

thanks very much

Oh Em Gee it's words:

That's amazingly good. I'm really just enchanted-this song brings to mind so many possible scenes--it's this happy background to anything really, but it makes me think especially of epics and middle-ages England and that sort of thing.

As far as the music goes technically, it's really great background (like I said before) for singing, like what you'd expect for some English folk tune. If you were to make this as a "single" (by which I mean a stand-alone sort of piece), I would think that you'd want to smooth out some of the choppiness in parts (like around 1.45 with the cello I think it is or the bells around 2.00). As a pianist, the only way I can describe it would be "use the damper pedal". So not legato exactly, but not quite as cut off.

I really liked the shape of the piece, most of all the expansion at 1.16.

This song is glorious.

Zero123Music responds:

haha thanks Hynra ^^

Lol, I was hoping no one noticed the bad cello - cause that was one of the only things I didn't like about it, and you're the first person to notice^^
I might update it with the cello envelope how i want not just how east west have it

thankyou again :)

EDIT: Fixed that cello^^ the bells didn't seem much of a problem and I beefed up the finale with another piano :P

Fucking shit!!!

Wow im amazed dude! O.O
New awesome song, really the best i've heard from u...


Favorited for sure!!

Zero123Music responds:

thanks alot helth^^

lol my favourites to reviews ratio is pretty good for this song :) 1:1


agree with ritz

this is on par with uematsu. I love it, such feeling. I love the plucking and the chimes haha.
But overall it is powerful.
what program do you use?

Zero123Music responds:

omg uematsu no way :P

thanks soo much for comparing me to a god XD
thanks, I really wanted a part that could send shivers down your spine - but I think i'm not good enough to be doing that, but at least I made an ok attempt :)

yeah I HAVE to have chimes in any of my songs now, I love them and the harp is much better quality than the soundfont one I had.

Program, well my sequencer is Sonar 7 (I really want Cubase though :P)
and the VST that did almost everything was East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold
and I used Blackhole12's MIS stereo piano soundfont

thanks for reviewing^^


Absolutely beautiul and touching! Everything works together so well. Stunningly beautiful. I love the chord voiced at the end, so wonderful. 5'd and downloaded.

Zero123Music responds:

Thanks kor!! :D
yay another download^^