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Reviews for "Eternity (Orch. Ver.)"

Awesome compliment to my video

Thought you might be interested in how your song (shortened in my video) made a perfect match for a video I made.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=velmrZ oDznI

THANKS for such a quality product!

Zero123Music responds:

thanks for the review, and nice video :)


Touching... from the very beginning to the last seconds, it moved me, it really did.
I usually like anything, either be art, movie, song or anything else, just as long as it makes me feel something. Happiness, sadness, euphoria, any feeling at all, as long as I feel something, I love it, because it woke up something inside me.

This song went one step further, it made me feel something I can't describe, it really IS awesome.

This is probably your best work ever Zero, congratulations.

Zero123Music responds:

wow, I just love some reviews^^
the ones that make my music seem worth while

The chords at 2:56 and a bit after that I tried to make as powerful as I could because I'm not so good at powerful chords/phrases

well I think it worked for you ^^

thanka again

I don't know what so say...

It's beautiful, as always. Beautiful, majestic, enchanting, mesmerizing... those are but a few words that describe this masterpiece.The melodies of the violin are accompanied so well by the harp and the piano, it's almost as if they blend together as one, which is always good in music. You have, once again, produced such an emotional piece that had left such an impact on my heart that I have to thank you. So thank you, for your amazing music. Keep it up.

Zero123Music responds:

Thanks alot kilderstret^^ the responses for this song have been incredibly motivating :)
so thankyou and I'll try making more.

So you wanted me to review? ;-)

So, i opened this page, turned the volume up and waited for the music to start.
And when it started i was just.. hypnotised. I listened to the whole song and although the song is 03:42 long, it felt like 10 seconds or something. Good things go by too fast. Fortunatly, there is a download button so i can listen to this song whenever and wherever i want. Over and over again.
There's is nothing in this song that i didn't like or that could be better.
So yeah, this review is pretty pointless, but i just wanted to let you know that you've done a wonderful job composing this.

The picture this created in my head was as follows:
A group of people were being held in a city, where they work as slaves. They work very hard and all they get in return is bread, water and a shed to sleep in.
After years and years of doing this they finally see an opportunity to escape.
The escape is succesful, but what should they do now? They have no homes to return to and if they go back to the city where they were hold as slaves they will be killed. The only option is to walk. Walk far, far away from here.
After a couple days of walking they see a hill. It's covered with grass and flowers.
The group runs up the hill and what they see when they're on top of it is beautiful. It's a large lake surrounded by all kinds of trees with fruit. The decision to stay here is made quickly.
After all those years of slavery they finally get their deserved rest and everybody is happy.
They will stay here the rest of their lifes.
-The end-

Zero123Music responds:

I love your stories^^

I never thought of it like this, but It certainly does fit the song :)

thanks so much MH :D


Congratulations. you left me speechless. This song is so beautiful, so intricate, so wonderful, words can't describe it. Every single instrument is flawless, it blended so well throughout, I've never been able to achieve this kind of intricacy in my music ever.

The chords were magnificent, each one only lending to the beauty of the song, never detracting from it at any point.

The articulations were on point throughout. It seems like you crafted each and every note to play exactly as you wanted it to play.

Excellent. 10/10, faved, 5/5, this is one of the best pieces on newgrounds. Great job man!

Zero123Music responds:

Woah thanks alot :D