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Reviews for "Eternity (Orch. Ver.)"

Very cool christmas song!

wow that is epicly amazing

holy cow dude I got chills that actully stayed with me and thats saying something

the haromonizing is dead on the lifts and falls are placed beatifully and thewhole song has this feel of hope in a time of sadness and this truly wonderous feeling
and is put toget her in a way that is moving and deeply inspiring

that is all I have to say

I love it

It is worked out so well. I cant tell really if there is anything wrong with it or out of key. I know a little about music but Im no expert. Very good ending as well. I have another story for this one.

A man is pacing in the waiting room of the hospital waiting for news. It could be an injuryed person or his wife having a baby but no one knows. He just paces back and forth in a worried way. People come up to him and start to ask him whats wrong when the nurse comes out and begins to talk to him, "sir she is going to be ok and the baby made it was well" The nurse pats the man's shoulder, "your a dad of a baby girl" She says before walking off.The man walks into the room where his wife is and kneels next to her. He looks at his daughter and smiles, "Hi there little Naomi" He says and gently picks her up. He holds her in his arms as he looks out the window briefly, "welcome to this world" The doctor says to the baby.

Your music, I dont know what, But just gives me inspiration to write stories, some are sad, some are happy. This music is just amazing, Thank you for making it, Keep up the great work.

Awesome cakes.

This is one of my favourite pieces from you. Very nice melody that you treat really well.
I can't even think how it can be improved, perhaps around 2:56 when it has that swell you maybe treat it differently to the time before it, and maybe after it in that part you give an instrument a more solo part. I dunno, I like it either way.

Zero123Music responds:

First of all thanks :)

and yeah I think aa solo would sound really nice


I can honestly say, the spontaneous climaxes in the midst of this song startles me, but in a good say (is that possible?). I got chills every time. I love your use of chimes in alot of your Orch pieces. This sounded like something that would be played in a movie of some kind. I could honestly see you writing music for professional orchestras one day. The way you blend instruments is unmatched by anyone else on NG. I applaud you, sir, and beg you to continue making music. 10/10 and 5/5 my friend.

Zero123Music responds:

oh my god thankyou so much this review is awesome and so are alot of your others :)