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Reviews for "50 Llamas Day"


OMFG DUDE. that was the awesomest shit i have seen ever. that was ass hilarious. the only bad thing abou it is it made me feel bad that i cna animate even a quarter as good as you can. im working on my first counter strike movie to submit.. but i have a bad feeling about it. it will take me at least a week or 2... GOOD FUCKIN WORK MAN!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!

Yay!!! 50 Llamas Day!!!

How does one miss read Wacky Tie Day for 50 Llamas Day? Any way, this was a really funny movie. I thought the animation was perfect and the sound was great. Wonderful, wonderful job.


That is very funny the songs good and it so funny lol


Make another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a really good idea!!!!! Nice work!!!!!!!!!

I had the exact same thing happen to me

i know right