Reviews for "Sun&Moon Conversation 2"


Why do I like these things? I guess they are just pure genius or something.

Or maybe they are just funny.


Man that was awesome. What the hell was pluto singing? LOL. man make some more.


that was fucking funny i loved it lol keep it up the graphics were kinda cheesy but it was still good

Many Flaws =/

what were you thinking when you made this? first of all, the sun is made up of superheated, condensed hydrogen and helium, and is incapable of speech..... or thought for that matter LOL! And the moon?WTF!?! The moons made up of rocklike substances formed millions of years ago LOL. When was the last time you talked to a rock?!?!!?!?!?!


Hilarious.. The first one is definately made better by watching this one.. And I think everyone has a "friend" like Pluto.. Very nice, can't wait to see you make more of these.