Reviews for "Sun&Moon Conversation 2"

Good work

This was better than I thought it was going to be when it first loaded up. The art wasn't awful, although I assume it wasn't meant to be amazing. The voice acting was pretty good, carrying the whole thing. Short, but I liked the idea. Pluto singing was genuinely funny. Worth watching!


The graffics were meh, but I assume you do that on purpose, so no complaints in that department. I did laugh when the emo planet started singing that song (Linkin Park? I dunno...). Cute submission anyway.


Why do I like these things? I guess they are just pure genius or something.

Or maybe they are just funny.

That was f__kin' weird!

...and that's pretty much the only reason I didn't blam it :D You could try improve the sounds next time, for the speech was really messed at some points... I bet this didn't really take much effort or time to make. Still, there was that special something originality that saved it.


So-so animation...hilarious dialogue!

Great sounds as well!

I can safely say I enjoyed this flash. Thanks for making me laugh!