Reviews for "Sun&Moon Conversation 2"


that was fucking funny i loved it lol keep it up the graphics were kinda cheesy but it was still good

umm that was cool in kind of good way lol

i like the theme song oh and maybe you should make a longer flash about it but overall that was really good keep it up :D


Man that was awesome. What the hell was pluto singing? LOL. man make some more.

I really liked it

But the intro is pretty fucking annoying. please fix that if you can. Other that that I thought it was pretty fucking amazing... I just hated it when pluto started singing

nice one :)

yeh, is a good little short, like others have said, its the voice acting that brings it up a level definitely, you can see Family Guy influences in there (not that thats a bad thing). funny aswell. hope to see more in the series. nice work man