Reviews for "Sun&Moon Conversation 2"

Pretty good job

I liked this flash, it reminded me of the MTV show Sifl and Olly. That was good stuff...

Many Flaws =/

what were you thinking when you made this? first of all, the sun is made up of superheated, condensed hydrogen and helium, and is incapable of speech..... or thought for that matter LOL! And the moon?WTF!?! The moons made up of rocklike substances formed millions of years ago LOL. When was the last time you talked to a rock?!?!!?!?!?!

im gonna go right now and see the first one

good theme song for a good series,hopefully this is a series cause its pretty oragianile, cant wait til the 3rd one, hopfuly there will be a 3rd one


It sucked, but the song was cool. GREEN DAYYYYYY

this series is cool :)

I watched the first one first (a logical step) and found that the first one (not so hot) was made far better by watching the next.

Since their so short, could I make a suggestion for part 3? (I liked this, I hope you make a part 3)

I think it would be good for both part 3 and for the series in general if you put all 3 in one flash (maybe with a scene selector at the start)...

I liked it :)