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Reviews for "Kung Fu Craving"

lol nice work man

lol awsome


That was the...........hold on real quick.Get away from my syrup *insert kung fu sounds here*Hey! Stop Biting me!..........CRAP!!!!!!!!!!*coming in with nose bleeding and missing teeth*.....sorry anyway this movie is the shizniz.Now if you excuse me I have to go to the dentist.*Ninja sneaks up behind me**WHACK*

The End


i must say that was good use fo the king-fu video game sprites (one of my old favorites in the days of the orignial nintendo. man i'm showin my age)

and all that for chocolate? SWEEEEEEET! Never come ebtween a warrior and his food lol

Freaking Sweet!

Second Best Sprite Movie featuring the game kung fu i've seen. best part was the end which showed the old commerical song for that bosco stuff. Funny as hell! good job!

loved it

i liked everyting in it. the blood, the joke, EVERYTHING!