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Reviews for "Kung Fu Craving"


It was okay, but you could make the sprites move more, the blood effects were pretty good, and you should tell us the story because it looks like that in the beginning, all he did was kill people.


I like this quite a bit actually. Good change of pace sprite.

Only real gripes are you should edit the sprites a little more often for other moves and the fact the music stopped and took quite some time to restart.

Other than that it was really funny and the fighting was entertaining.

Fuck-You responds:

Thanks =)

Whoa! that was unexpected!!

Man, the animation on this was very smooth and detailed with the back, fore ground and the blood was very good and same with other stuff. The style of this was very amusing and surprising at the same time. The sound/music was very clear and crisp (from the fight sound to the ending)! The violence in this was good with major beheading and impaling! The humour at the very end was very good and I have to admit this is a great Flash! Keep up the good work!

Fuck-You responds:

damn...that was a good review. Thanks

Kung fu Chocholate.

Hehe, that was something different. Bosco...never saw it coming...keep up the good work!


Nicely done!

But when the bone was breaking, I thought a space ship was being blown in half. Gah.

Nice job though