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Reviews for "Kung Fu Craving"

That was hilarious

The ending... classic

Ah I do so love violence and the end was awsome.

Like I said, I love violence and the ending was different in a hilarious way.


That was great! The animation was a bit weird at times but still, overall it was supurb!

It left me with a strange urge to get the substance you call, Bosco


THAT WAS GREAT! (even though the graphics sucked)

Kung fu goodness

After a hard day of ask kicking and brutal decapitation I like to relax with a cold glass of bosco. Bosco, the sensation of choclate goodness and rich soy all in one . Feel the choclate, taste the bosco. The sprites were kick ass. The sound was a little scratchy but those death gurgles were good. The violence, what can I say; Ninja wants his choc syrup back and he opens up a few arteries, yeah its good stuff.