Reviews for "Sun&Moon Conversation"

boredom sux doesnt it?........

get outta your moms basement.......


For better or for worse, this will probably end up as a cult classic in some circle of nerds.

a bit cheesy

But I liked the idea and even if it was a little oddly drawn, it was funny nonetheless. The theme song was catchy too. Hopefully you'll continue on this and make it into a series.
Maybe it's just me, but the sun kinda looks like a lemon...


not very funny but the theme song was kinda funny. i want buttons to push please

Ha. Nice.

That seemed a bit boring, but that was a nice idea. The sun and the moon in a conversation. Clever idea. The graphics were pretty good, with the designs of the sun and the moon. Honestly, I'd like to see them have future conversations. Maybe this could be a series where they eventually have longer conversations.

Roll with it. I like it.