Reviews for "Sun&Moon Conversation"

oh man

yeah we all know the sun is like really huge compared to the moon but the idea of them chillin together is pretty original. but the convo could have done something with what the sun and the moon actually DO, instead of them just kickin back like a couple of potheads; as clever as that may be. but for some reason, like the last guy, i still liked it, nice work.

dont knnow hwy but i like it

for some reason something this stupid and simple brought me joy. the opening part was my favorite, and now i have the song stuck in my head. a little longer would of been greta but its not bad. 3

Not bad

Would be pretty funny if you made it longer or a series, Mildly entertaining, 30seconds of time i had nothing better to do with anyways.


i want the 30 sec. of my time you wasted with this SHIT

really funny

this was really funny. . it was the perfect length and the style matched really well too. the song was pretty awesome too. . i give all 5