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Reviews for "Goodbye - Loop (16s)"


T3H AW3S0M3!!!1111

[Sorry, this is the first time I've been too TIRED to review a submission. But I thought I'd still post a review, lest I forget about it! And I don't normally score 10 on EVERYTHING, since 10 would be Perfect. Nothing is perfect. Also, I just noticed this has pretty much turned into a review. By itself. Great...]


In the audio portal!

haha it's really an excellent piece, and the person playing it is very talented, also it loops FLAWLESSLY. Nice job!



Realy good this will definitly make it in my upcoming harvest moon project.


hard to judge diversity in such a short piece. - Really smooth feel to it. Nice chord progression - esp toward the end of the loop.

Nice job...

... I like it, it´s soft, and well looping! Good on ya, Denvish. U playing I take it?!