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Reviews for "Fish Tales"


Finally not just a damn copycat. You took the "Fishy" idea and made it your own, the growth meter was great and the display of what fish you can and can't eat took the guesswork out of it which was nice. The map thing was a nice touch it felt like a real adventure game. Good music too

I always love these fish growth games

And yes...we all know they have been made TONZ of times so people when you review...stop saying you've played a game like it we all know...damn..But anyway back on subject great game. All the other copies miss the way that Feeding Frenzy is when they make their own style. But that doesn't mean their's something wrong with yours. I mean damn you damn near got it exactly right compared to feeding frenzy. Of course we know that FF is more high-tech and what not but great job just using with flash you get mad respect for that. 2 thumbz up d('.'d)

Almost got a perfect "10" :)

It's so damn cute!!

I love playing this game! My only one negative comment is the stupid, annoying sound when you lose a life. Since I can't play games very well, I end up getting hit alot. Just listening to that sound all the time really sucks. After a while, even as I get better and hear the sound less, the noise is still kinda annoying.

Nice game

Wow it was very nice cute an creative game!!

This is pretty good. Only downside is that it gets boring and repetitive after a while. Nice job!