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Reviews for "HQRSE - Frantic!!!"


You used the default setting for the fruity love philter.

Coulda made it more original.

And there is no bass in this song at all, if there is, you have the leads overpowering it way to much.

Better EQ, and some damn bass and this could be a decent song. ALL of the score I gave you goes to the melody, I quite liked this

Vote this bad, I really don't care. That's all I ever get these days for trying to help people

Ouch, no.

Everything is totally out of tune. Your song is horribly mixed. You need to learn how to balance your sounds out more, and stop using presets. Everyone's heard them a billion times and they don't wanna hear them anymore. Your melody is pretty good, but I'd just focus on mixing your song better so it's easier on the ears.

HQRSE responds:

I didn't use any presets though...