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Reviews for "HQRSE - Frantic!!!"

makes me move of my FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a mate gave me his phone in lesson to look at his music and when i put this on i stood up accidentaly and started jumping bout got told off bbut ii love the tune

Good beat, badly done

I actually like the beat, but the execution is... low, to say the least. Im giving this which could have been so much more a 7, cant have one without the other and score higher.


very nice chummer. keep up the good song writings.


i think its pretty damn good
I love the melody, but not all that distortion...
9/10 5/5


using FL love philter a ton does not make your song good.

sorry but i don't know why this got on the top 5. the leads fly off randomly like an improv and there's no real song structure. it's just random saw leads and weird FX all the way