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Reviews for "HQRSE - Frantic!!!"


This is such a great song!~ And I somewhat agree with blizzaine.... Needs more bass... I had to turn it up A LOT just to make it sound better lol



You used the default setting for the fruity love philter.

Coulda made it more original.

And there is no bass in this song at all, if there is, you have the leads overpowering it way to much.

Better EQ, and some damn bass and this could be a decent song. ALL of the score I gave you goes to the melody, I quite liked this

Vote this bad, I really don't care. That's all I ever get these days for trying to help people


This makes me want to give the love philter a second chance.

ROFL fruity love philter

who could forget those early days of experimenting with mixer presents and just wondering, "how would the love philter sound good?" you make it sound good lol

Fast? Yup. Fresh? Kinda.

I'm not gonna lie, i'm not that big a fan of techno, but the music was decent. I have no idea what it is with fast beats, but I really like songs with them for some reason. The beat, drum fill, and bassline were nice, but the lead execution was kind of repetitive. I enjoyed it for the first minute or so, but i felt like i wanted a new pulse around the center. This is a nice riff, but you may want to vary it a little.