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Reviews for "BM - Tiananmen Square"


I love it! It's the kind of music that I like tho, so I'm biased.


The singer didn't fit the song very well, and the only reason it isn't a 10 is because of the "Go!" near the start. But everything else in there rocked.

nice one guys

lol, like i sed to you on msn mate, also any guys if u wana look at their site:


(this is only a temporary address until we get the domain up and running)

good work

The song was overall good and had a blink 182 feel to it, the intro was my favorite part, it was kick ass ^^, the guitar work through out was great, the only thing i had a problem with was the vocals, the lyrics were all right but the singer himself didn't fit the song, I recamend either altering his voice, or getting a new singer.

GardenStateMusic22 responds:

Thanks for the kind words, this is one of our earlier songs and our singer wasnt to happy with the way it turned out (oh well). Our singer fits our newer songs much better and there harmozing and all that good stuff =). We're gonna hit the studio again in late august-early september. thanks for the review

Pretty cool

It beginning reminded me of old Blink 182. I really enjoyed the pauses you added. I didn't like the vocals too much, possibly add some kind of effects or lower your voice a little.. The lyrics were great though with the drums and guitar. Something could be done with the cymbal, I'm not sure what. Possibly lower the volume a little because it tends to overpower everythign else which draws my attention to it. But yeah, listen to anything off of Blink 182's album "Buddah" and you will get a good feel of this song. Maybe it will give you some inspiration.

I did like this song, and it has some replay value. There's always room for improvement. I look forward to seeing you progress.



GardenStateMusic22 responds:

Thanks for the review. All of us in Blacktop are pretty big blink fans (not there new stuff) but anyways that was our first time recording and considering that weve only been together for about 5 months i think it turned out fairly well. its funny our drummer couldnt make it soo our singer did the drum tracks and then the vox. And about the cymbal we do plan on re-mixing the song so that the level of the cymbal isnt as high. thanks again for the review and I'm on my way to check out your music right now