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Reviews for "Constructive Destruction"

Oh wow, I haven't heard THAT name....

in such a LONG time, InvisibleObserver------>
David Lynch, dayum. What an odd little cookie HE is. *thinks of "The Man From Another Place" and gets chills running up and down my spine*
I gotta tell ya, this is actually a pretty interesting industrial (sorry, but that's the only descriptive genre I could come up with, it's weak though, I know) mash up. I don't think I've ever even heard anyone MENTION Ole Meestah Lynch, let alone, include sound clips from his work.
As for your PC not being able to handle it, I know what you mean, Man. I have a few tracks (on my old PC, mind you) on Cakewalk that have now saved as crispy, crunching clips, skipping and choppy. I guess when you layer 8 or more tracks withOUT bouncing to clips or rendering of any kind, your processor gets a bit overwhelmed.
Anyhoo, to get back to YOUR song: The more I listen to it, (It's been looping this entire typing length) I come to favor the Warcraft3 samples. The Eraserhead female's voice adds a strange misplaced melody as well. All in all, it's a pretty harsh sound. Good, if that's what you were aiming for. "You have nothing I need, Bitch", nice. Hehe I'd like to hear some of the other entries too, now. I mean, this is coming from someone who used to listen to Industrial music though. I COULD see how one wouldn't care for it.
Great Job on your work, InvisibleObserver. PM me with your other new submissions, if you would. I faved you for a reason, you know! :)

..........Take care, be good and make my skin crawl.period

InvisibleObserver responds:

Females voice made for a nice contrast to the Warcraft 3 samples, but the quality of the Warcraft 3 voices is superb, so when mixed and EQ'd they come out really smooth and dandy sounding (then of course I completely rearrange and modulate them).

I too can see why people wouldn't care for this. First 10 seconds probably screens out alot of potential listeners.

Thanks for taking the time to review.


ok this is really funny !
this is what the google ad on the left side under the drop menu says :
Truth About LSD
Educate Your Kids On The Effects Of LSD. Request Free Booklet Now!
this song IS lsd! its like the trippiest thing ive ever heard my life and i think that is an ...ok shit this song is fucking with my brain, i cant write down the things im thinking.....
ok ill just jump to the review
the break down at 130 is ridiculous
great track and much improvement!
i say if you wanna go glitchy go all the way...and this is more than that i think
intro is WICKED i mean like literally the eraser head sample is an awesome touch and the warcraft voices make it scary

InvisibleObserver responds:

Haha at the LSD ad. I keep checking back to this song and looking ad the ad, I got one for making a donation to a foundation for brain disorders.

As for being glitchy, I'd say its a lot more fluent then the typical 'glitch' song. As they tend to put these off beat/key wrenching sounds into their music, where as I do my best to keep it in tune and with the rhythm.

Thanks for checking this out.

I dig it:D

Like have you mixed in WC3 sounds. :D

InvisibleObserver responds:

Work work!

Oh Hellz Yeah!

Thanks for your random review. I, in turn. have come to take a gander at your music. Love the WoW and Eraserhead samples! This is a audio collage of intense proportions!

Good Do!

I hope to someday be able to piece shit together as well as you have. ^.^

InvisibleObserver responds:

Just takes time and a lot of cuts.

In time elaborate projects will become more common place among your work.

Thanks for the return.



Full Points.

InvisibleObserver responds:

If you're bleeding, its a good sign that your still alive.