Reviews for "Magnetism 2"

The best game

addicting, fun, a true masterpiece. Your score will go up for sure. Great job man! this is one incredible game, and it's so user friendly, which I know is one thing everyone likes :P. Great job once again, now work on that rpg! XDDD


Woo I beat it.....I have the winners club code, yay. Just to prove it, i'll give the first number/letter of each group of 2...h_g_3_f_w_

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Why give away the password? Dont you want others to be frustrated with the game too?


mayun, that was awesum, i liked it, but ur idea of easy r 2 tottaly different easies mayun! it was hard but awesum dude make more!


love it,one of the most original game,ive ever play,some of the level are really difficult,you got to drop the ball at the right place and in some level you must have some good timing,nice job,make a other one like this,really good...

all is well

for thoes who said it didint work try using firefox browser insted of IE