Reviews for "Windows Wars"

Useless Review...really

Vista is gonna win, Vista is gonna win.

Aww, darn, XP won. I put all my money on Vista. >:U

Nice Song nevertheless. 8D

Step responds:

Haha lol thank you. This is really old, but I'm glad you like it!

Can someone tell me how to make a song?

Just kidding.
I will post a song ASAP. At first, I was a bit nervous about how it turn out. But seing your songs has inspired me. I will start working on a remix. Don't know when I will be done...

Step responds:

Well I wish you good luck with that! Since it's your first song you'll have to wait for it to get past approval, which means audio moderators will check out your track and make sure it doesn't break any rules. Usually this can take from a few days to weeks/months, but I just so happen to be an audio moderator so if you want me to approve your track straight away just ask!

Anyway, thanks for yet another review!

Good sampling

A great use of the sounds available to the Windows universe, but it sounds a little unrefined in places, as the solo at around 1m 40 sounds messy and it could be cured perhaps by slowing down the number of repeats that you do on that sound in such a short timespan.

Some good drums and a beat in the background, but I'd still view this as a work in progress as you expand into the realms of making the piece sound tidier - cutting out the high end static around the notes that play around 3m 30 and from there, it already starts to sound better.

[Review Request Club]

Step responds:

Aww man, you ruined my perfect 10 score :(. Lol, nvm, I was expecting you to be the one to do so anyway :P. For that solo at 1:40, I'll switch them to quavers instead of semiquavers to remove that sudden fast pace. I'll work on 3:30, too. Anyway, thanks for the review!


i love these windows songs, they sound like crash bandicoot. very creative

Step responds:

Crash Bandicoot? Never thought of that lol. Thanks a lot for the review, I'm glad you like this!

Repetitive but in general, good

This song is like those songs that at first you say lets see whats coming, then you say ok its kinda good, then for some reason when it ends you brush it off and forget it immediately. This song is good at some parts, with nice audio effects and stuff, but nothing really special.

'The Meanest Critic Around'

Step responds:

Umm... OK, sorry, but I don't agree 100% with this review. It uses 44 effects, over 10 drum samples, and over 80 patterns I believe, all made from scratch, no premade loops, and there was only one or two drum beats in my song which I used twice. It may be a drag because it's so long, but I tried to vary it as much as possible. Anyway, thanks for the review nevertheless.