Reviews for "Windows Wars"

nice! :D

haha i love it :D
really nice idea about taking all that sounds from the windows versions :D
damn' you did a great job :D
5ed ;)

btw, check out my latest song if you want ;) vote/ review maybe ^^

Step responds:

Hehe, thanks ^^. I'm glad you liked the song :D. Sure, I'll check it out :D.


I've heard all your other windows songs and i wasn't so amazingly impressed but this, thsi my friend is purely greatly magnifecently amazingly awesome!!!!

Personally, I like the WIndows 2000 and Windows Vista sounds best but the others are great too and i liked the fact that u didn't start it with the start up :)

Anyways, i still probably haven't said enough for a great song like this but i can't keep on going on repeating how totally awesome this song is so i'll jsut say it one final time. oh wait, i already did...

Great work!

Step responds:

Heh, thanks. That's one of the more positive reviews I've gotten lately :). I guess I didn't do such a bad job on the Vista section, when I thought I did. So, thanks again for the review. I probably didn't say enough in this response but I can't keep on repeating thank you all the time, so I guess I'll say it one final time. Oh wait, I already did. Oh well, THANKS :D.

Unbelievably catchy

This song was such a perfect way to mix together various bell noises in a catchy rythym. I could hardly even tell that it was using windows noises just because how well mixed up they were. What I really loved about this song was that there was nothing to get repetitive. It had a huge variety of wonderful and dope beats to it. Which made me want to listen to it again and again. So this was a spectacular song that you did. I'd love to hear more songs made int eh same way. The outro was perfect btw.

Step responds:

Ah, loads of people liked the bells I did at the beginning, which was the Windows 2000 Ding effect. It's practically almost as good as a bells lead could go :P. You're one of the first persons who liked the variety in this, a lot of people just say my songs are nothing but random beats and generic melodies, but I really hate repeating stuff again unless it's a chorus or it's absolutely necessary, so you can either look at my songs as varied or random :P. I don't see why you liked the outro, it's horrible. The ending came in too abrupt with an awfully rough transition at around 4:34, and the last three notes had skipped to an octave lower much too suddenly, but I'm glad you liked it, anyway ^^. Thanks for the awesome review!


Very nicely written. Melds perfectly!

Step responds:

Thank you :).

Best song I have heard all day!

I had heard all of the sounds that Windows and Macs made and I thought it would be the crappiest song ever because I would hear all the annoying sounds I hear on My computer everyday but Instead, it came out very good!

It was also very clear and almost sounded like a symphony. Bu you should make a flash of this as a music video. I'm sure It would get a good score if you did. You also did a good job with the drums and sometimes I didn't recognize the sounds because it sounded good.

It i amazing that this song took 44 sound effects. I'm sure it took a lot of effort for you to make this song. I found this song when I was looking at your post on the BBS and then I clicked one of the links at the bottom of your post.

Dont stop going to Newgrounds. You should make more songs like this. I really enjoyed it enough to download it on my MP3. Also how all of the annoying sounds we hear every day got collected and put into a great song.

Kudos to you

Step responds:

Hey, thanks for the awesome review! I knew it was a good idea putting that link in my sig XD. I wish I could make a flash out of this, but I can't get head or tails how to use flash :(. Maybe I get lucky enough to have a good flash artist pass by... Yeah it was quite hard to do, even though windows songs are usually easy, plus I wanted this song to have loads of variety, so it was even harder, so I'm glad you appreciate my work :D. I don't think I'll be able to ever make a song as good as this any time soon, but I did make some XP songs before in case you're interested (they're not half as good as this though :\). Anyway, thanks a lot for the great review, you've improved enormously from your old reviews ;).