Reviews for "Windows Wars"

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i like the bells lead, it has an odd uniquemess to it, for a bell

lol wow lost of windows sounds, ive seen how this program works, but it looks ungodly hard to pull off

lol omg this is just great cuz every time a new sound comes in im like, agh where the hell have i heard that xD

this whole song is realy cool dude, i give anyone who can do this kind of programming mad props

that includes you

peace out dude, i really have no clue how to give any critisism, ive never heard anything quite like this b4...


Step responds:

Lol, thanks :). Yeah, the bells lead is the ding effect of Windows 2000. It honestly sounds just like a high bell, and it's the first Windows sound effect I've ever managed to make a chord out of.

The song sounds hard to do, but it actually isn't. The hardest part is finding all the different sound effects from the Internet. Then, you play on the keyboard (at least you can with FL Studio) testing the sound effect, until you come up with a good melody, you add it to the piano roll, and add some alternate melodies playing in the background. The drums can then be done in a second ^^.

Still, thanks heaps for the review, :D.


pretty good yo.

Step responds:

Thanks ^^.

wow again

Hey just being honest i thought you wouldnt be able to make a decent sounding song with all the windows sound effects but This is by far your best song you didnt go to crazy like you did with the last one I love it so much at 2 mins and 3:30 its a shame it ends at 4:45 and look no shutdown sound yay on my fav list again you get a 10/10 5/5 its just a shame you cant vote higher AH! just thought where do you go from here youve done everything now, Ive said it before and ill say it again I really really think no one can make windows songs as good as you well done again my fav song so far

Step responds:

Heh, neither did I. To tell you the truth, I thougt I was going to mess it up towards the end, but it actually didn't come out too bad :D. I think I messed up the Vista melodies though, but seeing as though you enjoyed it, I guess I might've not done it too bad. Yeah, the last one was kind of crazy, and I expected this one to be even crazier, since it's 10 BPM faster and uses more effects, but it did fine. I didn't really want a shutdown sound this time, I couldn't choose which version to use, lol :P.
Thank you for the very nice review, and all of your support and appreciation, I'm glad you enjoyed the song :D.

nice! :D

haha i love it :D
really nice idea about taking all that sounds from the windows versions :D
damn' you did a great job :D
5ed ;)

btw, check out my latest song if you want ;) vote/ review maybe ^^

Step responds:

Hehe, thanks ^^. I'm glad you liked the song :D. Sure, I'll check it out :D.

Creative and good

Made it sound good and its creative

Step responds:

:D Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for your reviews on my windows songs. Honestly, you're making me sound like a pro or something :P.