Reviews for "Windows Wars"


Very nicely written. Melds perfectly!

Step responds:

Thank you :).

Good sampling

A great use of the sounds available to the Windows universe, but it sounds a little unrefined in places, as the solo at around 1m 40 sounds messy and it could be cured perhaps by slowing down the number of repeats that you do on that sound in such a short timespan.

Some good drums and a beat in the background, but I'd still view this as a work in progress as you expand into the realms of making the piece sound tidier - cutting out the high end static around the notes that play around 3m 30 and from there, it already starts to sound better.

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Step responds:

Aww man, you ruined my perfect 10 score :(. Lol, nvm, I was expecting you to be the one to do so anyway :P. For that solo at 1:40, I'll switch them to quavers instead of semiquavers to remove that sudden fast pace. I'll work on 3:30, too. Anyway, thanks for the review!

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Well you've gotten nothing but 10's so the mean spirited person inside of me wanted to give it a 9 so your perfect rating was ruined. :P

Ha, couldn't do it after listening to the song though. The song (even though I think I said this on your last windows song) was probably the best windows song that I have heard on this site even though I've heard quite a few.

The variety and just pure fun that this song contained made it so enjoyable to listen to. The title of "War" gave it a interesting theme as well as now you can almost envision a war going on with these sounds along with it.

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Step responds:

Ah, how evil XP. I'm expecting Coop to ruin it though, it's hard to get a 10 out of him :P. You did say that on my last windows song, I guess the only genre I'm good at so far (I tried DnB, Classical, Rock, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Dance...) is Windows :P. I guess some people like the variety and some people don't. What I think I'll do is invent a catchy main melody which plays once in each windows version, each time with the sound effects that match with the version (E.G.: I did the main melody somewhere in the middle of Windows 2000 with Windows 2000 sound effects, then I did the same melody with Windows XP except with XP's sound effects, etc.), since TBH this is a bit too vared... Anyway, thanks for the great review, and for maintaining my perfect 10 rating :D.

Another thing a mac can't do

Or at least I've never heard a song made entirely with Mac OS sounds. XD
Also, quite a lot of Windows Songs to review lately, I think this is the 3rd one in about 3 weeks? -.-

Anyway, this is a really nice song and it's amazing that you managed to create such a nice beat plus some very nice melodies with only windows sounds. Towards the end it gets all a bit hectic and pretty loud (at around 3:50), but the "question-answer-game" after that is just priceless!

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Step responds:

Yup, same here XD. Yeah, Windows songs are the latest trend :P. I was never good with melodies, but these took me really long and I'm glad they came out OK. There are some really catchy melodies in here which I was tempted to use in other songs of mine, but thought against it :P. That Question-Answer thing didn't come out as well as planned, but it's still kinda cool anyway. Might update it soon. By the way, Hectic is my middle name XP.

Wow... impressive.

This song was so amazing to hear. That it had all these sounds from different Windows computers put into one song that actually has a good beat... wow, just wow.

Your hard work and dedication has definitely been realized by people, and I for one look forward in hearing more of these types of beats from you.

Easily given a 5/5

Step responds:

Hehe, thanks ^^. I've done a few other Windows XP songs if you would like to check them out, but they're not nearly as good as this IMO. Thanks again for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Oh, and thanks for keeping my perfect 10 score going :P.