Reviews for "Windows Wars"

Useless Review...really

Vista is gonna win, Vista is gonna win.

Aww, darn, XP won. I put all my money on Vista. >:U

Nice Song nevertheless. 8D

Step responds:

Haha lol thank you. This is really old, but I'm glad you like it!


i love these windows songs, they sound like crash bandicoot. very creative

Step responds:

Crash Bandicoot? Never thought of that lol. Thanks a lot for the review, I'm glad you like this!


This is out-of the ordinary and I love it!
It's abstract-ness is very creative and some melodies are quite good, these drums beats are also quite good but the snare roll or whatever it is for transitions wasn't very good however.
It is repetetive and some melodies are :O-able as well, they were very creepy >:S
>< General comment, good but not your best ;-)

Step responds:

Glad you like it, but repetitive? Seriously I really don't see why you think it's repetitive. It uses 44 Windows sound effects, over 10 drum samples, and over 80 patterns I believe, all made from scratch, no premade loops, and there was only one or two drum beats in my song which I used twice. It can't be repetitive :S. But thanks for the review anyway.

Repetitive but in general, good

This song is like those songs that at first you say lets see whats coming, then you say ok its kinda good, then for some reason when it ends you brush it off and forget it immediately. This song is good at some parts, with nice audio effects and stuff, but nothing really special.

'The Meanest Critic Around'

Step responds:

Umm... OK, sorry, but I don't agree 100% with this review. It uses 44 effects, over 10 drum samples, and over 80 patterns I believe, all made from scratch, no premade loops, and there was only one or two drum beats in my song which I used twice. It may be a drag because it's so long, but I tried to vary it as much as possible. Anyway, thanks for the review nevertheless.

Best song I have heard all day!

I had heard all of the sounds that Windows and Macs made and I thought it would be the crappiest song ever because I would hear all the annoying sounds I hear on My computer everyday but Instead, it came out very good!

It was also very clear and almost sounded like a symphony. Bu you should make a flash of this as a music video. I'm sure It would get a good score if you did. You also did a good job with the drums and sometimes I didn't recognize the sounds because it sounded good.

It i amazing that this song took 44 sound effects. I'm sure it took a lot of effort for you to make this song. I found this song when I was looking at your post on the BBS and then I clicked one of the links at the bottom of your post.

Dont stop going to Newgrounds. You should make more songs like this. I really enjoyed it enough to download it on my MP3. Also how all of the annoying sounds we hear every day got collected and put into a great song.

Kudos to you

Step responds:

Hey, thanks for the awesome review! I knew it was a good idea putting that link in my sig XD. I wish I could make a flash out of this, but I can't get head or tails how to use flash :(. Maybe I get lucky enough to have a good flash artist pass by... Yeah it was quite hard to do, even though windows songs are usually easy, plus I wanted this song to have loads of variety, so it was even harder, so I'm glad you appreciate my work :D. I don't think I'll be able to ever make a song as good as this any time soon, but I did make some XP songs before in case you're interested (they're not half as good as this though :\). Anyway, thanks a lot for the great review, you've improved enormously from your old reviews ;).