Reviews for "Train Robber!"

that was a fun game

nice game guys. loved the alien hominid cowboy.

Very simple and addictive

good game loved the "select your charcter" my only bad point is the lack of level music, ive played most of your games and the seem to have some sort of catchy tune maybe this was intentional,but it doesn'nt really affect the game.
Overall:good game I hope to see more 5/5

hehehe stupid sheriff...

I think the best things about this are: hitting the sheriff with money bags and that it is viewed in a widescreen sort of thing.


i thought it was great really funny after awile i just held the right key and i didn't have to move any where to get points so you might want to fix that kool game


i really want to make a nice small simple game like this! :D

will never happen tho! :(

great job tho!