Reviews for "Train Robber!"


That was just wonderful! I was looking for a fix, I felt as though I was going to explode! But then, somehow, I found this game... THIS GAME, gave me that fix. I am better now, because of this game. Thank you!


For anyone having trouble, the lizard has more hp and mp! shhh

DanPaladin responds:

oh! thank YOU, mister toxicbomb!

Dan Paladin is the man!

I am glad this on front page. Melektaus is just jealous because Dan Paladin has talent. Yay, I enjoyed this game. Jumping could have been cool. Well, this game helped me pass some time, and I enjoyed it. If you don't like Paladin's style, then you don't grasp the soul of NG.


OMG .Dan paladin u officialy make u my #1 Flash animater .I have watched like 20 of your vids and i've seen enough i LOVE ur anime's ...Expecialy the iteractive ones :) .I am trying to make a fireworks anime but its too time consuming and...I suck at it well ,GREAT JOB! 5 for you

DanPaladin responds:

haha, thanks :) good luck on your project


I love this game

My high score is 3680. The first rider looks like he could make a very iconic Behemoth character. Awesome game.