Reviews for "Train Robber!"

Pretty Good

This game looks nice. Pretty simple too. For what it is, it's a great game to keep you occupied for a couple minutes. Nicely Done!

Might be good as a cellphone game...

It seemed a little too simplistic and blah to me. Didn't really see anything change after the first 10 seconds of play.

I think I'll stick to Dad 'n Me.

Damn you....

damn you for making such addicting games... I'll up all night tonight... damn... it's really simplistic, which makes it all the better.. thanks for this! I honestly have no idea how these ideas come to you... but they are brilliant!!!

Very simple and addictive

good game loved the "select your charcter" my only bad point is the lack of level music, ive played most of your games and the seem to have some sort of catchy tune maybe this was intentional,but it doesn'nt really affect the game.
Overall:good game I hope to see more 5/5

I love it!

I love your games! Where do you get your ideas from? Please do a SYNJ game sometime.