Reviews for "Train Robber!"


huhuhhhu robert like

i make lutta muny

haf questin how to shoot the baddy????!111

plz ok ty

IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it rocks i play it all the time because i like it soooo much

DanPaladin responds:

high five

Love it!

I love this game a lot! It's fun! I wish there are sprite sheets of all the riders and cash from this game! It would be awesome!

I'm curious, though, what are those things the riders are riding on?

DanPaladin responds:

those are horses. what, you never saw a horse before? :)


Not really that great. Why do you always make your game screens so skinny?!

DanPaladin responds:

this was for a banner. that's why.

It's k

It's KIND OF fun but it's kind of repetetive and not really addictive. Smooth though and its cool.